Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Lions Municipal Golf Course Blog

I agree with Janna's commentary in her blog about the golf course. As a student who is struggling to pay for an apartment, books, and tuition, I sympathize with those who are in need of affordable living situations- particularly those in college. I think that helping those who are trying to pay for college on their own is the best kind of help that can be offered. Yes, that golf course might be a local Austin tradition and could possibly hold lots of sentimental value, but a golf course can be anywhere. You can always relocate it to a different place and just because it is physically in a different place, as long as it is still around the golfers will still go to it and still feel the same emotional ties to it. Housing, however, is a different story. With housing, location is everything. With the demand for affordable housing so high right now, Austin needs to be thinking about the people who are having difficulty supporting themselves, especially if they are parents and need to take care of children. Conclusively, this issue needs to be addressed with those in need in mind. We need to think about what is really necessary in this situation- and it's not golfers. It's the people who can't afford any other living situations.

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